Our History

      Hello ! We are the SMETANAS project, we created the world's first NFT Comic book and release a collection of 5555 PFP NFT avatars, and we have prepared for you second collection that you can rent reNFT, be sure to visit our website and read the first pilot series, we also advise you to read with a roadmap, where you can learn about all the stages of development of our unique project!


1st Stage

-Creating and writing a plot in the form of a comic book smetanas 1 season 24 release
- Character creation, discussion of details
- Drawing sour cream, selection of rare details
- Market analysis, team conference


2nd Stage

- Create an Instagram account for the project
- Creating a project on twitter
- Create a Discord just for chatting
- Limited rendering Limited Ultra Rarity 1 of 1 - Collection generation and smart contract writing
- Creation of a project site and mint buttons
- Create a secret button
-Advertising the project on NFT sites and calendars
- Discovery of minting date


3rd Stage

- Create stickers for telegrams and masks in instagram
- Mint of the project and together the birthday of the project, after the mint, the holders get access to a special series


4th Stage

- Launch nft smetanas anime for holders every Friday new series
- Launch of the second collection smetanas black Revival
-Holders will receive a free coinage of the second collection and the opportunity to rent it re NFT
- Special limited edition comics for holders on nft smetanas TV